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Concrete Masonry & Stone (CMS) has been a Concrete Patio Contractor in the St Louis Mo Area for over 25+ years. We can build you anything from a small basic concrete porch to a beautiful designed outdoor Oasis. Many home owners we talk to want something more appealing and durable for their outdoor environments than the standard blocks that contractors poured around so many houses in over the years. A basic cement slab is economically affordable. Those slabs lack style and presents and can show every flaw to which they are exposed, whether it's remnants from a barbecue grill or a leaky oil pan.

Decorative Patios and Paver Patios are a more attractive alternative for your outdoor space, and their popularity seems to be on the rise for several reasons. The first, of course, is the look. The Cutting Edge can bring a variety of styles and colors that can complement any outdoor living space. Whether it's a driveway, a sidewalk, a back porch area, or a garden path, Decorative colored patios are more natural-looking for your home's surroundings. And the variance in color and patterns is likely to hide any spills or other blemishes that occur in your time outdoors even better. decorative, colored or paver patio often require little maintenance to keep your patio looking its best. Taking care of your outdoor oasis mostly consists of keeping the surface clean and protected. The upkeep is as minimal as washing down your patio with a hose and making sure the stones are sealed.

If you want to make a lovely addition to an outdoor living space, Call us for a standard concrete slab or go with a decorative colored patio. You can make a decision that will value to your beautiful home - and create a lasting appearance - for many years to come! Call 573-358-3891