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Concrete Masonry & Stone (CMS) is a local family owned St Louis Mo Concrete Driveway contractor you can trust that specializes in Concrete replacement, new decorative concrete driveways and stone pavers. If your home's driveway or entry is shifting, crumbling, deteriorating or just flat out falling apart due to age. Find out how your driveway cracked or pitted and what we can do about it moving forward. We want to solve your driveway problems now and for years to come. Let the knowledgeable and experienced owner at Concrete Masonry & Stone (CMS) stop by your home and give you some ideas and a free estimate on your driveway. All most every home in the St Louis Area has a driveway, and most homeowners don't know the cost of replacing a driveway until they have to. At Concrete Masonry & Stone we specialize in driveway replacement. Driveways can fail due to many reasons and when you're going to replacing one, you want to make sure it's not going to have the same problems again.

As concrete replacement specialists, we tear out driveways daily and we see what causes the problems to begin with. A solid driveway starts with a good solid foundation. If there is a unlevel or weak spot it needs be reinforced and leveled with clean dirt or crushed rock that packs good and tight. Then we use steel and rebar reinforcement to ensure a long lasting driveway for years to come. At CMS, the first thing we look at after removing the old driveway is a proper grade. This ensures the driveway will be at the same depth all the way through. Often, during the demo and removal of a problem area, we find that the concrete is only an inch or two thick in the problem area. This is, due to improper grading. A quality driveway replacement will be graded evenly and measured all the way across. In St Louis, another concern is always water runoff. A bad grade and finish will cause water to run off in an undesirable direction or, in some cases, to puddle in an undesired area. Sometimes water may accumulate in a parking spot and the homeowner gets their feet wet while trying to enter their vehicle. Other times we see water back up in a garage or in front of an entrance. We at CMS Concrete & Retaining walls use proper grading and finishing techniques during our driveway replacement ensuring a proper concrete depth and run off.

If you need a new Driveway in the St Louis Mo area, call us at 573-358-3891 for a Free, No-Obligation Estimate or fill out our a free estimate request form today. You will get a professional consultation, written proposal on your home project! When it comes to pouring new driveways in the St Louis Area, have confidence that CMS is the right company for your home. We look forward to talking with you!